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The BETTER networker

What is the real substance behind lasting MLM success? How can you build your organization big and deep? What does it take to be successful in network marketing?

A while ago I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki and it impressed me very much. The title is very trivial: Business School. But the subtitle got my attention – “for people who like helping people”.

I was trying to find the difference between corporate business and network marketing and this definition was awesome. Corporate people pursue their career, their targets, their results… Network marketers pursue their dream and help their friends succeed… and they get paid for it.

But when they focus on the cheque, when they make the network business their only source of income for living, they fall into another category… hyenas and sharks that push and pull people and tear and break relationships. Some do it unconsciously, others quite intentionally. But please, guys, take my advice – don’t leave your job for your network business before you are really ready to do it! Network marketing was intended to be a home-based business. When you work it as a part-time job, a nice hobby to give you extra income, no push for achievements and get-rich-quick plans, you really enjoy meeting new people, getting to know them, helping them learn and grow… It is so wonderful to do it stress-free and the results come naturally!

I believe that the first and foremost quality for one to be a successful networker is to keep the right perspective – you don’t sell, you don’t make profits, you don’t pursue fast results even though there are so many fancy temptations to make you hurry and have it all… NOW…

Just pursue your dream and help others along the way to pursue theirs too. Then, some day, you all will be enjoying a different life… together…
Network business is about people: meet them, listen to them, give your heart to them, help them and educate them.

And let me tell you this: your company is not the best, your product is not the best because I don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Everybody needs to find their own products, their own marketing plan, their own way and their own style. And perhaps your offer is not the best for them… So make friends, not enemies by recruiting anyone you meet… One lifetime is too short a time to waste it on such petty things.

Be generous and add value to your relationships! People count a lot more than products and companies! I don’t care about your best-of-the-best offer and pre-launch and billion-dollar-opportunity! Do you really care about ME, not my volumes? Do you care about my dream? Do you care about how I feel about it?

If not, why do you expect us to work together? Do you really care about helping me or you remember about me at the end of the month when you need your sales volumes?

That’s not really networking, that’s mere abuse…

Isn’t it?

The secret of network marketing is very simple yet just a few find it: if you want to succeed, help enough people succeed too! And voila! You have made it…

Give your heart freely and generously and you will harvest hearts in return…

You may blame me for being an idealist. But isn’t that the real difference between the corporate business and network marketing? Or you are building not a network but an empire instead?…

Author: George Alex

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