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Family and Raising children – George Alex's blog
  • Family and Raising children

    Farewell, Daddy!

    My father passed away today. He wasn’t the perfect father: he made many and grave mistakes, he missed many opportunities… But I am really proud of him: in his later years he took responsibility for his life, he took steps to change himself and to restore relationships. I know it wasn’t easy for him. He confessed his weakness, he confessed how hard it was for him to change at this age… And in doing so he won my heart back. Yesterday, when I heard him for the last time, he sounded like a man who knows the end is near. But he was not desperate or scared. He was STRONG…

  • Family and Raising children

    Daddy’s heart

    She spins and she sways To whatever song plays Without a care in the world And I’m sitting here wearing The weight of the world on my shoulders It’s been a long day And there’s still work to do She’s pulling at me Saying “Dad, I need you There’s a ball at the castle And I’ve been invited And I need to practice my dancing Oh, please, Daddy, please?” So I will dance with Cinderella While she is here in my arms ‘Cause I know something the prince never knew Oh, I will dance with Cinderella I don’t want to miss even one song ‘Cause all too soon the clock…

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