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georgealex – George Alex's blog
  • Faith and Christianity

    Merry Christ-mas!

    God made man from the dust of the earth. And then He breathed life into his nostrils. Man lived in two worlds – in the Kingdom of God here, on the earth. Adam and Eve chose the dust, the earthly, and fell from God’s glory… People without God and His divine Life in them are just dust and mud. And such is the world they’re making without God. Despite all the good intentions… God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to give us a Way back to wholeness – to receive again the Spirit of Life, His Almighty Spirit, to be able to live here on the earth, in the mud,…

  • Faith and Christianity,  Mentoring Club


    Today, among all the commercial images of Santa and the white-bearded old man of Coca-Cola, we often forget the reason for the Season, the BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST, Who was not just a baby in the manger but a Savior, God in the flesh Who came down to take upon Himself our sins and give us a new abundant life. If Jesus changed history and today we count the years BC and AD (well, you atheists, please explain why exactly that time was chosen to split antiquity and modern times!), isn’t it only fair to think WHAT MADE THE BIRTH OF JESUS SO SIGNIFICANT. He truly changed the history of…

  • society


    Here is my OPEN LETTER to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria with cc to many international institutions and media. You may copy the text and send it to those addresses and even more, saying that you support me or you may write your own version but WE NEED TO FLOOD WITH ZILLIONS OF MAILS THOSE PEOPLE WHO CAN INTERVENE AND HELP US STOP THE MAFIA FROM RULING OUR COUNTRY! We want a peaceful end of this absurd situation and every little helps! THANKS A MILLION FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

  • Mentoring Club


    Come join our New Mentoring Club: the COMMUNITY OF SEEKERS where people discuss different opinions and share points of view, you get to meet many great people and make friends with like-minded folks… We have these Clubs: – Mentoring Club: HOW TO MAKE YOUR PERSONAL UPGRADE – how to change your mind, to cultivate positive habits, to communicate effectively with different types of people, family, relationships, leadership… – Health Club: HOW TO STAY HEALTHY AND IN GOOD SHAPE – helpful tips how to live a healthy lifestyle, what to eat to lose weight and keep it, how to have energy and how to workout… – MLM Academy: WHAT TO SAY AND WHAT…

  • Uncategorized

    Happy New Year 2013!

    Dear friends, here we are sending our best wishes for a New, different, dynamic, happy, prosperous and successful year! We are seeing off 2012 alive and kicking, having survived the end of the world and many other things that have happened. What will 2013 be like? Well, what we make it, right?

  • Mentoring Club,  society

    Get a fix OR Change?

    Here it is again: what I hate and what really drives me mad, is happening AGAIN! I can’t stand it any more! It’s really unfair, it’s not right, it’s not the way things should be! There come times in our lives when we are really sick and tired of things or people in our lives: we get irritated, we get angry, we feel really shaken on the inside and we don’t know what to do but we know it’s wrong and we need to do something about it. In those times it’s crucial who your friends are.

  • Business Club,  Mentoring Club,  MLM Academy Club

    Help! Leaders are being killed!

    I walk the streets of the city of Mediocrity and hear all the shouts of the maddened crowd: “Crucify him! Kill him! Let him die! He does not deserve to live!” “Why? What has he done?” “He has failed to conform! He is different! We want him dead! Let the one who is like us live! He may be a criminal, aren’t we all? We don’t want people who are different and who stick out! Who does this one think he is?…”

  • Family and Raising children

    Farewell, Daddy!

    My father passed away today. He wasn’t the perfect father: he made many and grave mistakes, he missed many opportunities… But I am really proud of him: in his later years he took responsibility for his life, he took steps to change himself and to restore relationships. I know it wasn’t easy for him. He confessed his weakness, he confessed how hard it was for him to change at this age… And in doing so he won my heart back. Yesterday, when I heard him for the last time, he sounded like a man who knows the end is near. But he was not desperate or scared. He was STRONG…

  • Mentoring Club

    The WHOLE world STINKS!

    It is really weird how so many people complain that they always have no money while at the same time they do nothing about it to work a little extra and earn extra money. TV, parties and surfing the net seem more attractive, there are always excuses… They complain all the time how unhappy they are and how awful times are today, how horrible people are and how bad those well-off guys are…

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